Kilsi Rodriguez, Bilingual Hair & Beauty Vlogger


I received my Bachelor's from The University at Albany in 2012 and received my Master’s in Education Degree from Hunter College in 2014. I currently work as High School Business Teacher teaching Entrepreneurship and Advance Placement Psychology.

Natural Hair Journey

I decided to stop perming my hair my senior year of college in 2012. I transitioned for three years and big chopped in June of 2015. As a Latina with kinky curls, I felt that there wasn't enough representation of my type of hair in the media, Instagram & YouTube. I also felt it was unfair that I was never taught to embrace my natural hair. So I decided to learn as much as possible about how to care and style my type of  hair.

The Social Media Journey

On December 31st 2015, I started my Instagram page (Le_Frosie) to serve as a resource to those who also felt underrepresented, lost or unable to embrace their natural hair. I use my platform to inspire, empower and help other women create their own beauty standards. 

Social Media Influence

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