It all started when...

Our founder decided she had a big enough following to take her influence beyond social media.  She began planning an event that would represent everything that her platform stands for. Tirelessly working her full-time job, coaching and vlogging she was able to make her vision a reality.

She selected the name Afros & Rizos because she wanted to create an event geared to all hair types. As a bilingual blogger, she wanted to stay true to her roots. The goal of Afros & Rizos is to help women of all ages feel inspired, empowered and able to create their own beauty standards. With the growth of the natural hair, self -love/ acceptance movement, Afros and Rizos was created to offer a safe space where women in different parts of their journey can come together and know that they are not alone. 

After securing sponsors and a venue, she gathered a few of her closest friends and family members and created what is now known as "The Afros & Rizos Squad". This supportive and amazing team helped with promotion and execution of the event. 

On July 29th, 2017, 150 women gathered in Brooklyn to celebrate their natural selves at the first Afros & Rizos.

Photo Jul 29, 8 13 05 PM.jpg

The Squad

Top Row: Cindy, Bielka, Beatriz (Aunt), Angela (Aunt)  Me, Natalie, Arlyn, Eusebia (Mom)

Bottom Row: Leslie, Malthen, Kiara, Simon (Dad) Gissell, Sam, Eliza, Fior

As We Move Forward Our Mission is...

To inspire, empower and help women create their own beauty standards through a series of educational and interactive events and programming.

A majority of the proceeds of the event series will be allocated to sponsor free educational programs for high school students.