Our Mission is...

To inspire, empower and help others create their own beauty standards through a series of educational and interactive events and programming.

What we offer…

We currently have two formats you can select from: an event or a program.


Our events are our larger productions. The event is about 3-4 hours and is usually for 50+ guest. We provide the materials and personnel for the Inspire Stations, EmpowerTalk Panel and our Create Your Own Standards Beauty Bars.


Our programs are our smaller productions. These range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and for up to 50 people or less. We provide all the materials and personnel needed for the programs.

Our Events


Empowerment Panel

  • Each event has a panel discussion that we call our “EmpowerTalk Panel”

  • Our panel discussion includes experts and Influencers from different fields such as Natural Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Corporate, Education, Art, Media, and many more.

Beauty Bars

  • Each event has Beauty Bars that we call Create Your Own Standards Beauty Bars

  • These beauty bars educate each participant on topics ranging from hair and skin care, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness or self-love.


Inspirational Stations

  • The event’s foundation is 5 interactive stations that we call our “Inspire Stations”.

  • These stations are all hands on and each participant is able to walk away with a deliverable.

  • Each station is designed to inspire confidence, develop networking skills, and promote self-love and expression.


  • Each event has a performance that fits within one of the event series pillars.

  • Performances can range from singing, spoken word, interpretive dance or a skit.

Our Programs


Inspirational Activity

  • The programs all begin with an “Inspire Icebreaker”.

  • These icebreakers are all hands on and are designed to inspire a safe sharing space.


Empowerment Workshop

  • Each program will consist of an “EmpowerShop” geared toward empowering our guest through hair, mental health, and healthy lifestyles.

  • Our workshops topics are as follow but are not limited to…

    • Hair & Beauty Topics

      • Hairstory-The History & Culture of Natural Hair

      • Natural Hair & Business Suits- Is My Hair Professional?

      • Accepting the Natural You

      • You’ve Gone Natural…Now What? - How to Care for Your Hair and Skin

    • Self-Esteem, Mental Health and Confidence Building

      • Mindfulness- What is it and how it can be used in every aspect of our lives (including the classroom)

      • Building Confidence through Stress Management Tools

      • Self-Esteem in the Age of Social Media

      • Self-Love is The Best Love- Practices and Resources

    • Nutrition & Fitness Topics

      • Fitness Class- Zumba, Bootcamp, or Yoga

      • Take Ownership of Your Health

      • Healthy Eating on a Budget